Timothy Project: Nuevo Tantoan, Mexico 2017

Jun 22, 2017

CrossTraining Timothy ProjectTimothy Project: Nuevo Tantoan, Mexico 2017 is a dream come true for Andrea Duran who has desired to reach the poor of rural Mexico for many years.  After a year of saving her personal funds, organizing a VBS and orchestrating it all with her sisters who live in Mexico, Duran is ready to travel to Nuevo Tantoan.  While in the area she and her sisters will encourage and support the local soccer team with donations from CrossTraining’s Timothy Project.

Duran shares her heart and long-time desire, “My dream is to be a missionary and help the children living in poverty in Mexico. For that reason, a year ago I began to save money for this project. I have around $1,000 for this mission trip and I will be using my pickup to take all the things that I need.  My sisters will be helping me in the VBS.”

Vacation Bible School is not the only project Duran and her sisters will be completing while in Mexico.  They will also visit the local soccer team, Los Burritos.  This soccer team has been in existence for 38 years and they represent Nuevo Tantoan in the area’s league.  Thirty eight years ago the team began with children.  As the children grew into youth and ultimately young adults then adults, the league was growing as well.  It expanded into surrounding rural communities around Nuevo Tantoan.  Over the years Los Burritos have celebrated several championships in the spring and fall tournaments.  They are a very popular team in the area.

Duran is excited for her visit with Los Burritos.  She says, “Los Burritos have remained playing soccer in this league, despite the situations and awful circumstances around them. This rural community is a very poor community and these youth and young adult have remained far from the bad life around them. There are problems with drug dealers but Los Burritos have chosen to be focused in sports activities and give a good example to the children of Nuevo Tantoan.”

Duran is excited to receive 30 Rapids jerseys and six soccer balls to take to Los Burritos.  She knows that the jerseys and balls will be a help and encouragement to them. Her husband, Reverend Cesar Duran, has served with CrossTraining as an assistant chaplain who serves the Spanish speaking players and families.  The Rapids team and CrossTraining Ministries are both dear to her heart.

“With the VBS I will be reaching the children, but with the Rapids jerseys I want to reach the young and young adult of this rural community.” Duran says.

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