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Camp Calgary – Part 1

Within the ministry of CrossTraining – whether in our chaplaincy to the teams or in places like the Timothy Project – there are moments when we wonder if anything that we say or do has an impact on what God is doing in and through the hearts of people. We can feel that even our mere presence is a waste of time, or that the thing that we invest in is of little use. The following is a the first part in a two part-story on how the summer soccer camp through Christian Life Assembly in Calgary, Canada had an eternal impact on a family distant and disconnected from God. Consider the impact that you can have by financially supporting CrossTraining and the Timothy Project: Calgary.

Kyle Schlosser was raised in a Catholic home. His whole family went to church every Sunday, but when he left home, Kyle found himself going to church less and less.  Then he had a son, but the pattern continued to be the same. In time, Kyle wanted Jack to learn about being a Christian. He wasn’t sure what to do – there was a limit to what and how he knew to teach him and Jack wouldn’t be learning about God in school. But God heard the quiet prayers of a father – one day, getting money from a local ATM, he noticed a poster for a kids soccer camp. In reading the poster Kyle thought that would be something Jack would like, what with being 5 years old and liking soccer. Kyle took the phone number down and off he went.

The next day a brochure came in the mail for the same soccer camp – a sign from God? Surely, it was. Kyle called registered his son for the camp.  That mid-August morning, life for Kyle and Jack would change forever. As Kyle returned to the camp a little early to pick him up – all the soccer players were sitting in the shade under a big tree. Pastor Wendy of Christian Life Assembly was talking to the players about God, so Kyle decided to listen in too, realizing that his son was going to learn about a lot more than just soccer at this camp.

The week ended with a soccer party Friday afternoon at the church and Kyle met lots of the members of CLA and speak with Pastor Wendy and Pastor Rick. That camp led Kyle and Jack to start attending CLA every Sunday after the camp. And they had found a home and a community to connect with Christian believers.

It wasn’t long after staring to attend CLA, that Jack’s Grandpa (Don Farney) became very ill. A visit with Grandpa Don in the hospital led Kyle to sense that Jack was very scared of death, so Sunday after church they spoke with Pastor Wendy and told her about Grandpa Don and his situation. The first thing Pastor Wendy asked was, “Does Don know Jesus?” Kyle confessed, “Not that well.” So, she immediately prayed with Jack and Kyle for Grandpa Don. Pastor Wendy gave Kyle and Jack a little pamphlet, encouraging them to read it to Grandpa Don.  Jack gave the pamphlet to his Grandma, Donna. [TO BE CONTINUED…]

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