Timothy Project: Nuevo Tantoan, MX - Final Update on Los Burritos

Feb 01, 2018

Chaplain Cesar Duran and his wife Andrea relocated from Denver to Laredo, Texas in the summer of 2017.  This meant Soccer Chaplains United and the Colorado Rapids had to say goodbye to their Spanish-speaking chaplain and translator, Cesar.  But this move brought the Durans closer to their home and opened new opportunities to explore.

Andrea Duran recently shared an update on the Timothy Project request they made last year before leaving Denver.

August 2, 2017, I had the opportunity to visit the “Burritos” soccer team of Nuevo Tantoan, Mante Mexico. That afternoon they were training on the field, and I gave them the donation from Soccer Chaplains United’s Timothy Project. This donation included a cooler, soccer balls, water bottles, and jerseys of the Colorado Rapids.

I shared with them the responsibilities of a chaplain. Some of the soccer players met my husband, former bilingual chaplain of Colorado Rapids, Cesar. They were talking about the Rapids and asked about Tim Howard and other players. I also shared with them the gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of the spiritual life. I explained to them how the Bible compares the care of the spiritual life with the effort of an athlete. For an athlete, it is most important to get the trophy and be the winner. This goal helps them to have discipline, train and spend a lot of time working with that in mind: be a champion! Many athletes sacrifice their families and many things, but to get the goal is the most important for them.

I shared with them about the love of God and all that God is offering to them. I also had the opportunity to listen to their dreams, victories, families, and goals. They also shared about the bad times on the field and their frustration as a soccer team. I prayed for them and motivated them to give the best from themselves in the next match.

After our time of visiting and encouraging one another, they opened the cooler and found the jerseys.  They were happy wearing their new jerseys.  All of them also were thankful and invited me to attend their next match. They also share words of thanksgiving for the Timothy Project donation. Thank you, Soccer Chaplains United, through the Timothy Project, for bringing happiness to my people in Mexico.

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