Prayers - An Introduction

Feb 01, 2018

There are times when a chaplain may not be able to be present to pray for a person — whether an athlete is about to go through surgery, about to board a plane, after just getting some bad news, or even winning the big game.

These prayers are written and recorded with the football (soccer) athlete, coach/manager, staff member, and family member in mind. They are prayed in the spirit of reminding you that God is with you and He sees and knows the things that you are going through or about to embark upon — whether anyone else sees or knows about them.

There are times, places, and teams where a chaplain isn’t able to be present. There are places in the world where one is far from home and far from the support and foundations of one’s faith. There are moments when someone who is a part of the beautiful game feels alone and afraid. These prayers are for you.

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