Prayers - The Substitute's Plea

Feb 01, 2018

In football, it can be a tremendous challenge to break into the starting eleven. A footballer works to ascend the ladder — from academy and youth club to the reserve squad to the first team. And then, there comes that moment, the manger looks down the bench. What happens though, when the game suddenly changes and you are sent back to the bench? What happens if the manager always seems to look past you? What if the manager doesn’t believe in you? You are not his “player.” You are not her “player.”

This prayer reflects the cry of the athlete who finds themselves as seemingly a recurring substitute — not called on, not given a chance. It is a prayer based on the words of David in Psalm 4. The psalm begins as a prayer but ends up being a statement of confidence — this can be part of the substitute’s aim and mentality. It is about having confidence and faith in God as the Good Manager.

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