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Timothy Project – Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church Juarez 2017


Soccer Chaplains United’s Timothy Project is pleased to once again supply Colorado Rapids soccer donations to ministry partner, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church as a team of 30 plans to cross the US/Mexico border into Juarez.  Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church has been working closely with the community in Juarez for several years and it is always a joy to partner with them when a team goes down each year.

As the years pass and teams continue to go travel to Juarez, relationships with the local residents continue to grow, continue to deepen.  Soccer is an integral reason for this.  Pick up soccer games are common morning, noon and evening and all are welcome to play, regardless ability and skill.  The Timothy Project has helped to build the bridge between Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church members and the people of Juarez.  Timothy Project gear opens the door for soccer to be played.

This year the team will consist of several families, many of whom have young children.  Most of these children have not experienced a cross-cultural opportunity that this trip will afford.  One young participant, Jacob Smith, shares his excitement as the travel date nears.

“My name is Jacob Smith. I am 11 years old and am headed to Juarez, Mexico with 30 other people from my church. This is my first mission trip. We are going to a small church to help them run a VBS program for their community and help with work projects such as building houses. I love soccer and have been playing since I was three years old. I am looking forward to reaching kids in Mexico by playing soccer with them. I can’t wait to make new friends and share soccer gifts from the Timothy Project with them. Thank you so much for supporting our trip and sharing with the kids in Juarez.”

Though the team asked for minimal donations, due to the extreme generosity of the Colorado Rapids supplying Soccer Chaplains United, through the Timothy Project, is able to send far more than they requested.  These pictures show the gathering of the gear that will travel with the team into Juarez.

To support future Timothy Project ventures such as this one to Juarez, Mexico please donate through PushPay — simply select Timothy Project from the selectable funds to contribute to. Your financial gift helps us purchase new equipment, sponsor a missionary or organization in an outreach effort, and to cover associated costs of providing Bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!


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