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Timothy Project – Liberia 2017 Final Update


Timothy Project Liberia 2017 Update — Over 75 pairs of soccer cleats were gathered and sent with Thomas Fahn and his organization, Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E) in early summer of this year.  The cleats were gifted to Soccer Chaplains United, many from team donations but some from individual players.  They were an array of colors and sizes.  When all laid out on the field for the players to choose, it looked like a rainbow of colors, a rainbow of blessings.

When Fahn reached out to Soccer Chaplains United with a request for equipment, he shared the reality of the status of his soccer organization.

Right now, we are in desperate need of the following items in order to keep our soccer program going and to ensure its future success: * Uniforms – (youth sizes) 10 sets of jerseys minimum * Young adult soccer cleats (sizes 7-12) – 50 pairs minimum * Youth soccer cleats (sizes 4-7)– 40 pairs minimum * Training cones – 100 minimum * Youth training vests – 22 pieces minimum * Young adult training vests – 22 pieces minimum * Size 5 soccer balls – 30 minimum * Size 4 soccer balls – 20 minimum.

While Soccer Chaplains United was not able to fill his entire request, we were able to fulfill nearly all the soccer cleats, the jerseys and many of the soccer balls, among other items.  It has brought great joy and satisfaction to us at Soccer Chaplains United to see the cleats laid out on the field for players to choose.  Hopefully the same feelings of satisfaction will be felt by our supporters and those involved with Soccer Chaplains United.

Fahn has recently returned from Liberia and wrote to Soccer Chaplains United with these words, “Thanks a lot for standing along with us in providing our youth with hope through our soccer program. More than two hundred players benefited from the sporting equipment and they are very grateful for the kind gesture.”

To support future Timothy Project ventures, please donate through PushPay — simply select Timothy Project from the selectable funds to contribute to. Your financial gift helps up purchase new equipment, sponsor a missionary or organization in an outreach effort, and to cover associated costs of providing bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!


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