Longtime Soccer Coach, Jeremy Tittle Joins Board of Directors

Feb 18, 2022

For a number of years, now, Soccer Chaplains United has had multiple conversations with Jeremy Tittle about joining its Board of Directors. With over 30 years of coaching soccer including roles with King University (TN), Lees-McRae (NC), West Virginia University, and Metro State (Denver, CO) Jeremy brings a wealth of soccer knowledge and experience to the Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors.

When asked, “what took so long (to join)?” Jeremy shared:

At that time (2019) I was at my capacity about everything I was doing and I was going through a transition from coaching. I had had four years of God whispering and eventually getting louder, “Make yourself more available to me…” A parallel thing He was saying was, “You’re not going to be in soccer much longer…”

I never had a vision to be in soccer forever. I didn’t know what God had planned, but I just didn’t feel it would be soccer.

Even during that time, I questioned what God was doing, because I had been coaching for so long (30 years). I had felt hat God was giving me everything to do what He had created me to. I was in a sweet spot with coaching a college team and spending time with young people. So I really wondered what God was doing. It seemed that He was calling me into something new, but earlier than I had thought for myself.

But really what God was doing was having me go through a season of preparation.

One of my patterns in my life (my dance with God) has been the need to pay more attention to God’s timing on things.

Jeremy Tittle, on his journey toward deciding to become involved with Soccer Chaplains United

Today, Jeremy’s life away from soccer coaching looks a little different — working in real estate investment and crypto-currency mining there have been some new learnings that have come about but also some sweet moments of having more family time and not being gone nights and weekends during pivotal ages and stages for his wife and two children.

I asked Jeremy if he felt that he was “coming back” to soccer in some way.

Yes, but in a different way. 

People ask if I miss coaching, and I say “Yeah, no.”

I am helping another dad help coach my daughter’s 6-year old soccer team.

Through Soccer Chaplains United, there is a proximity of soccer that is coming closer, but it is different. I think I have a pretty interesting story for soccer (even justifying supporting two rival teams).

And I am looking forward to seeing what this all entails.

Jeremy Tittle, on his soccer “come back” with Soccer Chaplains United

Jeremy has opted to fill a one-year vacancy board position and will re-evaluate his soccer come back at the end of 2022. We look forward to working together with Jeremy and seeing what God has in store for this next year.

Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors is comprised of a 9-member board who serve three-year terms. There are currently two vacancies (a two-year and three-year term) on the Board of Directors. If you or someone you know are interested to inquire into our Board of Directors please send an email to

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