God's Goodness in Guatemala

Feb 17, 2022

The Valor Guatemala Discovery Team returned a number of weeks ago from their immersion trip and shared a number of photos and videos with us from their time in Guatemala. If you take the time to read the blog and the short snippets below and to look at the pictures, you will see the goodness of God on the smiles and faces of the Valor team and the people of Zacapa.

I wanted to also say, that as the father of four daughters, it really is powerful to see girls being valued and the way in which a uniform or a shirt can bring smile and joy when offered as an unconditional gift from even a complete stranger. With as many years as I have been involved in the game of soccer (fútbol), it never gets old to see smiling faces and new friends made over a game of soccer and this often lets us have an opportunity to share the love and hope that we have in Jesus with others.

Below are some of the stories and memories from the Valor team. Don’t forget you can go to their blog to read more.

One World Play Balls are virtually indestructible and provide a lot of fun play especially in places like Zacapa.

There were so many ways we were able to involve soccer in our ministry activities during our time in Zacapa, Guatemala. On our first day, we visited a community called La Fragua to spend some time with the kids from there and bless their families with bags of food and shoes. It was quickly evident that the kids were interested in the soccer balls we brought, and we started a pickup game using rocks for our goals. The game was intense…the kids were following the ball everywhere, yelling “Pasamelo” and “Aqui,” and celebrating with so much excitement when goals were scored. We were able to donate a soccer ball to their community for them to play soccer whenever they’d like!

Lauren, Valor Student Guatemala Discovery 2021/22

On a separate occasion, we visited a place with two communal, small-sized turf fields to play an organized game of soccer. Kids from a community called La Linea and some of their fathers showed up to play with our team. We split into three teams and played non-stop until the sun had set! Shortly after we began, two women from a professional women’s team from the La Fragua community showed up to play with us as well. After we finished, we were able to give the women a complete set of Rapids jerseys to bring back to their team!

Lauren, Valor Student Guatemala Discovery 2021/22

Soccer was a common activity everywhere we went. We were able to use it to connect and form friendships with the people we met, and I know God was present while we shared this passion with the people of Guatemala. 

Lauren, Valor Student Guatemala Discovery 2021/22

Brad, Thank you again!!!  Even after we left, they continue to pass out supplies.

Danny Brooks, Valor Teacher/Leader Guatemala Discovery 2021/22

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