• I had the privilege of attending portions of the recent ID camp held for Colorado high school student athletes at Valor Christian High School this past week. The camp was put on to give students and college coaches an opportunity to be observed in hopes of receiving scholarships or invitations for possible openings on college teams. Of the 100-some students and 25- some college coaches participating in the event, there was an air of  anticipation and hope  - perhaps this might be an opportunity to receive an offer from a college to study and play the sport that they had come to love. As I reflected further, I was reminded of the life of Jesus and his own ID'ing that

    Feb 26,
  • With this past weekend being Valentine's Day there are plenty of stories of love in the air. From the Colorado Rapids' Drew Moor proposing to his girlfriend and Goalkeeping Coach Chris Sharpe getting married to the Major League Soccer #soccergrams that fans could get creative with - there is much ado about showing love to the people and things that mean the most to us. And, of course, living in a house with 5 women (my wife and 4 daughters) there is a lot of cards and hearts and pink and red. In reflecting, upon this "season of love," I was reminded of the Jesus' interaction with Peter on the shore (John 21:15-17) where he asks Peter the question, Simon son of John,

    Feb 16,
  • Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.       I am a Denver Bronco fan - have been for most of my life (brief stint as a Raiders fan, but I can't explain that all here - years of counseling). I have lived through three of the SuperBowl losses (1977 - still too young, only 2 years of age) and cringed as my friends would comment about the Broncos poor SuperBowl record (who wants to keep company with the Minnesota Vikings?). So in watching last night, I was disappointed to say the least (maybe I thought Payton was greater than Elway). Many of my friends and family were disappointed, too.

    Feb 03,

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