• More Timothy Projects proposals have been submitted, but for now some updates on two of our current projects. Tomorrow, Friday (April 22) marks the beginning of the Metamorphosis youth event in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area. There will be several collection points around Raleigh/Durham at local churches in order to support the Timothy Project: Senegal 2016. If you, or someone you know lives in the area - encourage them to clean out their garage and attic with any unused soccer gear in order to help our friends going to Senegal. Next Tuesday (April 26) our friends at Anastasis Academy will visit ACC Denver in the afternoon to finish out their own Timothy Project request made earlier this year. Below are

    Apr 21,
  • Last May, CrossTraining's Timothy Project had a local/no-so-local request from a pastor in Leoti, KS. Connected through the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, CrossTraining got different soccer supplies for Pastor Stephen Morefield and Christ Covenant EPC in the small, farming-community of Leoti, KS. Pastor Morefield sent this latest update to CrossTraining as the spring soccer season in Leoti is underway. Greetings from Western Kansas! The spring soccer season is off to a fast start here! While almost every other sports program in our county is struggling to find enough kids to field a single team we had over 100 kids come out for soccer, many of which come from under-resourced families. Currently, three local pastors are volunteering as coaches in the program and one

    Apr 14,

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