Timothy Project: One Shoe

Dec 04, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 6.58.18 PMThere it sat, at the bottom of the donation bin – one, lonely, size 9 boot. One measly cleat. It had been used by it’s professional football owner and probably now tossed out as some new, shinier pair arrived. The studs were still good; the leather, still fairly supple; the laces were still in good condition, but where was its partner? Where was it’s other half? It’s mirror twin? And what good could just one be without the other?

What  good is one shoe?

At least, that’s what I used to think, until a few years ago. It was a Timothy Project – a donation to Africa, I believe. We only had 5 or 10 pairs of shoes to send down with a mission team. When the team got back, they shared an interesting story. It seems that when one of the children got a chance to wear boots – whether new or used – they find their size and then they only take one cleat for their dominant foot. They leave the other boot for someone else to wear and use. I found this story amazing – that children, in poverty, would only take what they need in order that others can play.

So while, I might have liked to see two shoes, instead of one, I know that even the one shoe – through the Timothy Project, will be a great blessing to someone else in this world.

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