Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 Update

Oct 29, 2015

Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 Update – some of the items provided by CrossTraining for L.I.F.E.’s container to Monrovia.

Last month, CrossTraining announced the Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 and the goal of Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E.) to fill a shipping container from Colorado to send to Liberia with soccer equipment and school supplies. Currently, CrossTraining has been able to collect over 500 pieces of soccer equipment including Colorado Rapids jerseys, cones, training vests, backpacks, and cleats for the container project.

L.I.F.E.’s mission is to assist in meeting the basic need of the children, youth, and the elders in the Gola Konneh district through the container project. L.I.F.E. continues to collect school supplies, text books, soccer equipment and other basic necessities in an effort to fill the 40-foot container. The hope and intention was to ship the container by mid-October in order for the shipment to arrive in December; however, L.I.F.E. has encountered several challenges including:

  •  needing to completely fill the container: L.I.F.E. is still accepting donations for school supplies, text books, soccer balls, and nonperishable food items to finish filling the container.
  • cost of shipping the container: L.I.F.E. needs to raise another $6500 to pay for the shipping of the items to Monrovia.


If you would like to make a contribution to this project please note (Timothy Project: Liberia 2015) in your donation. Please use the Donate Now link to make a secure PayPal donation. Your financial gift helps to secure additional equipment, sponsor a missionary or organization in an outreach effort, and to cover associated costs of providing bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!