Timothy Project CR 2014: Indigenous Boys Get Gear

Apr 03, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.22.27 AMNative Indigenous Boy’s Team in Amubri gets uniforms

Luis Alberto Leon is a quiet, unassuming business Chinese Costa Rican who has been involved with the indigenous Native Indians of the Amubri community in the Southeast Region of Talamanca in Costa Rica for years.

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Luis Leon accepts the donated gear from Chaplain Venegas.

He has privately collected toys and gifts from friends in the community to take Christmas gifts to the children of the community and sponsored many teenagers to achieve their educational and soccer goals. Luis, who was himself a soccer star in high school, was pleasantly surprised to know that CrossTraining wanted to donate uniforms for the boy’s team in Amubri. When Associate Chaplain Hugo Venegas was in Costa Rica, he connected with Leon, whom he had known in high school,

Luis and I were classmates together and when he found out about the shirts and shorts that I had for the Amubri boys he was surprised…[the boys] were ecstatic about the uniforms.


Amubri boys soccer team warms up in they donated gear from the Colorado Rapids.

Chaplain Venegas went on to explain the way that the boys and the team took the donation,

They [the boys] don’t have a lot but they are very organized. What they do they do, they do it for the team, for the whole community. They are so community oriented – whereas many times individuals are looking to escape poverty or their environment or clubs come in looking for an individual talent, it is different with this team. It is a whole community view for many of those children. The gift is about giving these people an opportunity as a community.


The Amubri Indian girls team has been invited to compete in an indigenous tournament coinciding with the U-17 Women’s World Cup being held this year in Costa Rica.

Luis is also very proud of the girls of the Amubri community because they won the Costa Rica Soccer Championship among indigenous communities and were invited to participate in a tournament for girls of native Indian descent around the under-17 FIFA World Cup for girls presently being held in Costa Rica.

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