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Timothy Project: Zocalo Outreach

CrossTraining announced it’s latest Timothy Project award recipient for 2013. Zocalo Outreach and it’s summer day camp program are looking to introduce soccer into the programs and services that they use to reach out to under-privileged children. Approximately 200 under-privileged children, ages 5-12, participate in the program every summer with many of the children facing serious problems of delinquency, school failure, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and teen parenting.

Summer campers at Zocalo will enjoy having soccer be one of the sports that they can learn and play whilst being shown the love and care from camp counselors and the Outreach center.

The mission of ZOCALO Outreach is to improve the quality of life for children in the inner city of Denver and surrounding impoverished areas through teaching practical life skills in order to develop responsible, educated and caring youth. This is done through a summer day camp, an after school program and a home for college boys who have grown up through the programs. Zocalo Outreach strives to accomplish the following: Provide year round programs for children living in poverty, raise up and mentor leaders from the community, provide parents with educational resources and support for their children. The summer camp provides a safe environment for the children to exercise, improve their literacy skills, experience the arts and receive healthy meals.

Zocalo allows inner-city kids to receive love and attention and the message of God’s love.

Zocalo Outreach uses the New Life in Christ Church in Lakewood, CO as the camp location and spiritual home for the community. Daily devotionals support Christian growth for the participants and the counselors. Integration of soccer is part of the evolution of the summer project and is another way to show the children that others care for them. By implementing soccer recreation that will be continued as a part of the camp it will provide a great sport for the children to grow and be challenged. Simple soccer drills and instruction as well as scrimmages will be a complement to the summer camp programs already going on.

Zocalo Outreach has asked for soccer balls for their camp needs. If you would like to make a donation to help support Zocalo Outreach uses the PayPal button below and mark your electronic donation with a note that says Timothy Project: Zocalo. Thanks for partnering with us to help promote the love of Jesus through the use of soccer in ministry!

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