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Collaborating with Baylor’s Truett Seminary and the Faith Sport Institute


For a number of years now, Soccer Chaplains United’s very own Benjamin Dudley has been collaborating, teaching, and contributing with his alma mater, Baylor University. The well-known, Division-I school in Waco, Texas is also home to the George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Amongst the seminary’s distinct theological and ministry-driven programs is the Faith and Sport Institute (FSI).

It’s exciting to see Truett recognizing sport and recreation as a field that is worth investing into. It’s an important space for developing Christian leaders and Christian thought in and around sport — the athletes, the coaches, and the fans. I’m proud that this is coming from my alma mater and I love serving with a diverse and ecumenical group that challenge the status quo of what people consider as ‘sports ministry.’ FSI is also raising the expectations and accountability of professionalism where sports ministry has generally lagged behind.

Ben Dudley, 1999 Baylor graduate and co-chaplain Portland Timbers

Courses that are part of FSI’s online certificate program have appeared on the radar for our chaplains. A number of chaplains have enrolled in online courses as they look to grow in their understanding and proficiency. Chaplain Jordan Medas and Gregory Aydt have both participated in continuing education offerings through FSI as part of their ongoing requirements.

Recently, Paul Putz, the Assistant Director of FSI, has been building a team of collaborators. The team is assisting the program with the build out of some additional courses to add that emphasize sports chaplaincy. A diverse group includes members of Athletes in Action, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and other ministry groups. There are also professional and former collegiate athletes headlining the FSI Collaboration Team.

For me, it’s a privilege to work to contribute to the furtherance of sports chaplaincy education and excellence with the FSI team. Today, sport has a more and more sacrosanct position in Western (and even global) culture. It is necessary and important for Christian people — especially ministers and chaplains — to work to understand and cultivate this space where many of God’s lost and lonely children reside.

I look forward to working more with FSI in the future. We will periodically share some updates from our friends like the one below.

Updates from our Friends with FSI

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