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Navitsky Steps Back from Valor Chaplaincy, Remains in Consultancy Role


Greg Navitsky, chaplain for the past few years to Valor Christian High School Boy Soccer, has announced that he is stepping back from the chaplaincy role which he has held since 2020. Despite Greg stepping back from the chaplaincy, he has expressed his desire to stay on with Soccer Chaplains United in a consultancy and writing role for the time being.

During the last two years of soccer chaplaincy, it has been an immense and precious gift to hold space for students, coaches, and parents. If the last two years has taught us anything, it’s that being an incarnational presence in others lives is what our souls ache for. I believe the work we do is crucial and having Kingdom influence in more ways we can imagine. I’m thankful to stay connected to all you, albeit different ways, in the coming months. Cheering you all on!

Greg, on his time as Valor chaplain

Among some of the critical mass reasons for the change include a new role as pastor of students at Smoky Hill Vineyard Church; his pending wedding and marriage to fiancée, Bekka Weeks, in September; and, a new role with Where Grace Abounds.

I am excited that Greg will continue to stay connected and look to help and serve Soccer Chaplains United. We’ve really benefitted from his past experience in soccer and his passion for young people — in the midst of the brokenness and pain that we see, especially in this world of soccer. I hope that in a not-too-distant future Greg will have time and bandwidth to take on a direct chaplaincy role, again. For now, still feeling blessed that he will be part of our team.

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