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My Beautiful Game Enters Post-Production

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I don’t know if I have shared very often about a special film project known as “My Beautiful Game” (MBG for short). MBG is an “inspiring 90-minute sports documentary profiling the lives of exceptional athletes who have committed their lives to not only their sport of soccer but to helping others through compassion, generosity, and social justice. A feel-good film that showcases the humanity in soccer while experiencing all the action and excitement surrounding both professional and amateur competition.”

I’ve gotten to know Martin Butler (director/producer), Brian Bird (exec. producer), and Scott Pomeroy (exec. producer) over the past few years and I really love the vision for the film to tell the story of football that goes beyond the pitch and into athletes lives. As a chaplain for some 20+ years in professional soccer, I’ve seen a lot of story-telling. Usually the story is about victory and paralleled with one’s ability to have spiritual victory, as well. But what space do we have for telling stories of defeat, of grief and loss — on the field and off the field?

Martin and his team with MBG, have just entered into the post-production phase after scouring the world and beginning to tell stories from familiar faces here in the US and globally. With the rise and fall of football and everything that happens on the field of the beautiful game and the field of life — there is a compelling story that is beginning to take shape. Several athletes have opened their football careers, their homes, their lives and told the more vulnerable parts of their story — all with the aim of helping people understand what the Beautiful Game (for them) is really all about.

MBG has an aim to finalize the story-telling in time for this year’s World Cup — and with the groundswell in soccer right now, I have to say, MBG seems poised to tell an important story at an important time. Of course, with any venture such as this one, there is always need — financial needs, prayer support needs, and more. Martin and his team have had to fight through a pandemic and many different challenges to work to bring these stories to light. I’d love it if you take a look at what Martin and his team are doing and perhaps you have an interest to help advance the story-telling.

Two quick ways that you can help:

  • Partner — easy to be informed, to pray for the project and team members, and find other ways to become involved including donating to the non-profit group behind the film
  • Invest — funding film projects might be something God has called you to consider as a big investor, I know Martin will meet personally for coffee, or via phone or zoom with members of his team to help you understand the potential of the film and things like ROI (return on investment)

Soccer Chaplains United is proud to be a part of partnering with Martin and My Beautiful Game and we hope and pray that God provide all that they need to get across the finish line and deliver these compelling stories come World Cup this December 2022.