• Ministry partner, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (CCPC), partnered with La Iglesia Maranatha in Juarez, Mexico thirty years ago. Katherine Plank, Cherry Creek Pres. team member, shares with Soccer Chaplains United what a typical mission trip to Juarez is like.  We will drive from the Denver-Metro area and spend six days living at the church compound. Although this is a short-term mission trip, we always accomplish as much as we possibly can! In the past years I have attended, our main focus was to host a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the community. At VBS, we play games, sing songs, dance, read bible stories and craft. We also offer crafts to engage the parents who stay with their children during VBS!

    Sep 27,
  • Soccer Chaplains United believes that out of our abundance, we are to give graciously and abundantly.  This year has provided Soccer Chaplains United with numerous opportunities to send soccer gear across the world.  This story highlights a family's trip from Castle Rock, CO to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and how a few soccer balls impact the corner of their world. Sydney Dragovich, 13, writes about her recent trip to Africa.  In August, my sister, mom, and I traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for ten days to visit the children of Hope for the Fatherless (HFTF).  HFTF partners with Believers in Ethiopia and around the world to develop a culture that values and cares for vulnerable children and places them in loving

    Sep 20,
  • Valor High School senior, Class of 2019, Colin Kemp spent the month of June in Guatemala with a team of his school peers and a few teachers and mentors.  Kemp shares about the trip from his perspective in this post. The first two weeks in Atitlán were harder than any of us ever thought they would be. We launched our trip by studying for six hours in a Spanish school every day, 1 on 1 with a teacher.  We also empathized with the local residents after a volcano eruption changed the village, and even took the lives of many families.  We struggled not knowing what to say or do to show them how we cared and were there for them

    Aug 16,
  • In May of this year, One Child Matters (OCM) sent a team of 11 workers, including the president of the organization, to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  The purpose of the trip was to witness the impact of child sponsorship firsthand and to deliver soccer equipment. This was the first time Soccer Chaplains United and One Child Matters have been able to partner.  These ministries were brought together by Soccer Chaplains United Chaplain Kurt Trempert, who chaplains the Colorado Springs Switchbacks based in Colorado Springs, CO.  By partnering with Soccer Chaplains United, we were able to provide an unexpected surprise for the children, who typically visit the Hope Center for a hot meal, help with their school work, spiritual teaching, and other activities.

    Aug 02,
  • In 14 years we have sent ten mission trips and helped to establish 42 churches, explains Helen Grace Norblom,  who works with Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in the kids@creek department.  In a few weeks, we will be sending another group of missionaries to continue to serve villages in Ghana. Our service will include running a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program for kids and supporting their villages. This VBS program will involve Biblical lessons and time for kids to play and participate in fun activities. We hope to impart a message about God’s presence in their everyday lives and His unconditional love for all of His children. While participating in VBS, we also provide the children and their parents with meals

    Jul 19,
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