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Prepping for Conference


This past Sunday night, Brooke Ewert and I did some final preparations for the 2nd Global Congress on Christianity and Sport at Calvin University next week. We got our two families together for a homemade pizza dinner and threatened our children and teens to have to sit through our rehearsal. Fortunately, there were games and distractions in the basement and our spouses, unwittingly sat, listened and gave feedback for our presentation.

I asked Brooke this week how she was feeling about the Congress and some of the things she was looking forward to, she shared with me,

Rarely, are there this many people who are believers in Christ and who are interested in sports in one location. I usually feel alone because there aren’t many of us in the sports industry who have a faith-based perspective working with athletes. As I looked at the topics for break sessions and keynote speakers, I smiled and thought, ‘I’m going to be with so many likeminded individuals.’

Brooke Ewert, on attending the conference

For myself, I sometimes feel that there are several different sessions that I would like to attend and I fell torn over the different choices. As Brooke says, it’s rare to have so many ‘like-minded’ people gathered in one place, talking about faith, sport, and mental health among other topics. But this congress is about more than rubbing shoulders with like-minded people. It’s about learning and growing ourselves, as Brooke shares further,

I’m really excited to share with those in the sports industry the work Brad and I have done with Soccer Chaplains United and the Colorado Rapids, but also to learn and glean from others who are working with athletes in different ways that will help us to be more efficient or learn from ‘roads already paved.’

Brooke Ewert, on sharing about Soccer Chaplains United

While some of those listenings and learnings, for me, will be in chaplaincy, Brooke will be able to sit in on another session emphasizing counseling and mental health and well-being.

I am also excited to learn how others in the mental health field are helping athletes with mental health issues. This is a huge life passion for me and it will be encouraging to see the work being done with athletes from around the world.

Brooke Ewert, on the counseling track

Please keep Brooke and myself in thoughts and prayers for this next week.

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