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Musana First for 2020


Musana Community Development is the first Community Project request for Soccer Chaplains United for 2020. Musana is a non-profit located in Uganda, which started 11 years ago, when Colorado natives Andrea and Leah Pauline traveled to Uganda for a summer internship. Witnessing extreme poverty and corruption at a local orphanage, they knew they had to help.

Shortly after starting Musana, the girls began partnering with local Ugandans to empower them to BE THE CHANGE in their own community. That is when their vision shifted and they realized a new way to tackle poverty. Led and envisioned by local Ugandans, Musana is not a charity, but a sustainable solution. Bringing economic and social development together, Musana uses social enterprises as a catalyst for change.

Musana is breaking the cycle of poverty through an integrated, holistic approach that is restoring hope and dignity by pointing to the local people, in helping them realize their own capacity to not only survive, but to thrive.

About Musana

WE BELIEVE IN… LOCAL OWNERSHIP: Our projects are envisioned and implemented by a team of local men and women who empower and drive the community to take a leadership role in “being the change.” SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We promote an innovative social business mentality by creating enterprises focused on health, education, and skill development. SUSTAINABILITY: We aim to generate 100% of our operating budget through locally generated funds from our social enterprises. ACCOUNTABILITY: We fight corruption through strict checks and balances, and internal controls to ensure that every Ugandan shilling is spent with integrity and efficiently supports the development of the community. THE CYCLE: Our social enterprises (Education, Health Care and Skills Development) work independently but in support of each other, cycling the profits back into the community through education scholarships, rural workshops, medical assistance, microloans, and skills training.

The Project

Musana is teaming up with Homes of Living Hope to donate much needed supplies to Musana’s replication site, where a new school will be opening February 2020. The purchased land and start of construction will result in a third campus of the Musana Nursery and Primary School to provide a unique, quality education to 1,000 Ugandan children living in Kaliro.

The organization will have 2-3 containers located in North and South Denver for three months (February – April) — building out these shipping containers to be used as vocational classrooms at the new site in Uganda. The containers will also be filled with medical equipment, school supplies and sports equipment. Uniform donations from Soccer Chaplains United will fulfill a huge need for the students.

The Request

Musana is requesting matching uniforms for teen boys (including jerseys & shorts), soccer balls, cleats and shin guards. Any quantity will be welcomed, as they have multiple teams, with over 100 students playing soccer each year.

When you financially support Soccer Chaplains United a portion of your gift automatically goes to help our community projects and requests. You can give specifically to help cover our costs by making a gift through PushPay — simply select Community from the selectable funds. Your financial gift helps us purchase new soccer equipment, sponsor individuals projects and organizations, and to cover associated costs of providing Bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!

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