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King’s Table, Part 1

From the Touchline

Have you been “crippled” by football? We don’t often use the word nowadays because it is politically incorrect and insensitive to name or call a person crippled; however, a person may have crippling injuries — physical, mental, and spiritual from football. During the next few weeks, we will journey with a special person from the Bible whose life has some interesting parallels for those in football — whether athlete, coach, staff member, or fan.

In today’s From the Touchline episode, Rev Brad’s best mate from seminary, Fraser Keay (“Kay”) lends his voice and creative talents in a biblical monologue narrative while Rev Brad takes a month long sabbatical. The Kings Table: A Biblical Monologue featuring Mephibosheth, Son of Jonathan, Who Went From Ruin to Royal Court, is narrated by Fraser. At the end of the episode, Rev Brad rejoins with some questions for reflection.

For more on Mephibosheth, you can read his story in the Bible. He appears in II Samuel 4:4, 9, and 21:7.

To see or read more from Fraser — he has a few published books and audiobooks available on AmazonSmile. You can visit his author page here. Remember that when you purchase through AmazonSmile and designate Soccer Chaplains United as your charity of choice, .5% of your purchase price is gifted to us!

From the Touchline is a short-feature (usually 10 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director of Soccer Chaplains United and Volunteer Chaplain to the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. Rev Brad and occasional guests touch on various issues around the topics of faith, family, and football (soccer).

Also, don’t forget that you can listen in our app, SoccChaplain, in the Apple and Google store.

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