Community Request from Y Quien Habla Por Mí

Mar 26, 2019

Soccer Chaplains United’s first community project request fulfillment of 2019 came last week as one of the directors of Y Quien Habla Por Mí was in Colorado visiting me and my family. Nasser Moreno and I became friends a few years ago when my family was in Juarez, Mexico on a family mission service project. Nasser, a former football (soccer) player, happened to be visiting his family in Juarez at the time and we hit it off.

Nasser and I met in October 2017 in Juarez, MX

Last year, Nasser and his uncle and aunt came to the U.S. for a visit. We ended up hosting him for a number of days. Between my broken Spanish and his broken English we have managed to form a friendship that is perhaps the unlikeliest, or in the least not one that I would have expected. And not only has Nasser become my friend, but one dearly loved by my family. As we caught up via text message around Christmas, we had the idea of having Nasser come out to Colorado again and spend time with our family.

Nasser and I pose outside the front gate of Garden of the Gods in CO, 2019

It was on this latest trip, that Nasser began to share more of his work with Y Quien Habla Por MíThis foundation is quite rare in Mexico. According to the website, it is one of the first of its kind to be dedicated to be dedicated to eradicating various violations against children. Whether it is crimes such as human trafficking, kidnapping, disappearances, child pornography, or other means of exploitation. The foundation has several programs and is involved in an amber alerting system similar to here in the U.S.

The children of Y Quien Habla Por Mí are involved in many programs aimed at bringing comfort and healing after they have been hurt and wounded.

One of the programs includes using soccer (fútbol). Nasser helps to direct the soccer programs and for the associated orphanage in the Iztapalapa neighborhood in Mexico City. There are approximately 70+ children that are in the orphanage in a given time and usually hundreds others that are participating in the sports programs.

At one point during Nasser’s visit, he turned to me, “you can help the childrens, if you want?” I could see in his eyes that he was hopeful for these children that have no hope. He explained that there is little support in Mexico for these kinds of things — many children endure abuse and other exploitations and are left abandoned and alone, especially in Mexico City.

You can help the childrens, if you want?

– Nasser Moreno, March 2019

We spent a couple hours going through bins in the garage — pulling out uniforms and soccer gear donated by the Rapids and other soccer organizations. We loaded up two bags full of soccer gear. With various jerseys and shorts we sent Nasser back with about 100 lbs. of gear to give back to the children and those working with Y Quien Habla Por Mí.

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