Timothy Project: Swaziland 2016

May 19, 2016

CrossTraining Timothy Project

From all the way in typically, rain-soaked Seattle, Timothy Project: Swaziland 2016 looks to the dry, landlocked country in southern Africa. Surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique, Swaziland is the only remaining monarchy in Africa. With nearly 1.3 million people, it has the highest rate of HIV per capita in Africa causing an abundance of orphans and destitute children. There is an urgent need to rescue, protect, and empower these children!

New Life Homes (NLH) is an organization caring for these orphans. They currently minister to 40 children from the ages of two years old up to their early twenties on the New Life Homes Farm found in the Shiselweni region in rural Swaziland. The two core values of NLH are to provide quality, restorative care for the children in their care (as opposed to trying to have high numbers of children) and to pursue economic self-reliance through the farm’s productivity. The NLH Farm offers lots of food-security and life-skills to those who live and work and grow up there. A strong work ethic, agricultural knowledge and skills, income earning opportunities are all part of the work to develop well-­adjusted, self­-reliant young people who are properly adapted to their culture, ready and eager to join the community as responsible adults.

New Life Homes is also a Christian organization with a strong commitment to bringing these children up with the knowledge of a heavenly Father who loves them dearly. They are encouraged to read their Bibles, memorize scripture, and have a relationship with Jesus, knowing his great love for them and all that has been accomplished for them on the cross.

Timothy Project: Swaziland 2016 will feature a five-day soccer camp and possible tournament to support, and assist NLH through soccer to enrich, encourage and explore new and deeper relationships with the Swaziland orphans and the surrounding community. This one week trip (August 7, 2016 to August 14, 2016) will concentrate on five soccer clinics connecting soccer skills with Christian character traits with an aim to explore future community projects and further NLH support teams.

The Timothy Project: Swaziland 2016 Team

Tiersa-profileTiersa Chaffin spent three years at NLH teaching and directing the preschool at the Farm. She continues to support orphan sponsorship as part of the NLH team in America and is part of the launch team for the feature­ length documentary film LIYANA. This film, shot at New Life Homes, follows a group of Swaziland children through a live and animated cinematography with the goal of celebrating the transformative power of children and their stories.

tim rogers and brian davis

Rogers poses with former teammate Brian Davis outside of Moody Bible Institute’s famous arch. Davis also reached to the Timothy Project for his work in Senegal.

Tiersa’s fiancé, Tim Rogers is a technology teacher from Olympia, WA. He currently coaches youth soccer and is a member of the media game day staff with the Seattle Sounders. He was a 2nd Team All-American defender at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL where he was part of the 2004 NCCAA Div 2 National Champion team. He ministered in Athens, Greece from 2002­-2005 working with outreach at the Olympic Games and supporting technology projects, youth outreach and refugee ministry . He has been involved in soccer ministry in Wales, Scotland, England, Greece and America.

Timothy Project: Swaziland 2016 Equipment Request

Boots (Cleats) 40­-50 (Size 7-­12)

Jersey’s 40-­50

5 Higher-Power Soccer Balls ­

15 Regular Soccer Balls

10 ­ Leak-stop kits

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