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Timothy Project – Valor Kenya 2017 – Part II

CrossTraining Timothy ProjectTimothy Project – Valor Kenya 2017 – Part II  Upon return of Valor’s Discovery team from Kenya one of the group’s leaders, Toby Coffman, summed up the experience in these three words, “It was awesome.”
In Part I of our story we stated that the Valor Discovery team would be visiting  a community center and an orphanage in Narobi.  As Coffman reports, “We gave the jerseys and the two indestructible balls (a.k.a. One World Futbols) to the community center in the slums where Anthony Wanjiru, now a staffer at Valor, was taken in as a child.”  Wanjiru received invaluable assistance that helped him begin his journey from the slums of Nairobi to high school, college, and a Master’s program.
“These photos are of Wanjiru handing over the equipment to the coach,
who manages several different teams of kids from the slum both to teach them
the sport and to give them an outlet of something positive and productive to do.” Coffman says.
“He cried as we handed him the stuff.”
“We then went out to their “pitch,” distributed to the kids,
and then played against them in a game. The kids, after getting
over the shock, cried as well.” Coffman explained.
“It was our first day in country and a super moving way to start the trip.”
says Coffman.
Coffman shared with us his gratitude for the partnership with CrossTraining’s Timothy Project. “Thank you so much for blessing our group in this special way. I know it was a blessing to some kids in Nairobi. I am just so appreciative of the way you guys came alongside us and helped pull this off. Brad’s (Kenney) words at our commissioning night were so spot-on and helped send our group off on the right note. Thank you so, so much!”

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