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Wilderness Church Is Off to Mexico!

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This morning, fourteen members from Wilderness Church flew to Primo Tapia, Mexico to serve at the La Hermosa Orphanage. The church team requested soccer gear from Soccer Chaplains United’s Community Project request program. You can follow the teams progress and blog updates below.

La Hermosa Orphanage

Pastor Jakeb Chambers (pictured below, right) has been partnering with La Hermosa since their inception in 2018. The orphanage was built by a local church, and resides on the property. The pastor of that church was himself an orphan, and was adopted by the pastor that served before him. What a legacy!

The team is traveling to lead a soccer camp and provide some aid, stability during a time of transition. La Hermosa recently took in nine new children and is in the middle of a few staff transitions. Jakeb shared that these kids are coming from a place where they have been “cast out” and told that they “don’t belong”. But they love soccer! For him, it is much more than just a soccer jersey. A jersey represents a team – a place of belonging; a family. This gear will be the perfect way to welcome the new children to the home and to bring them all together as a team – the La Hermosa familia!

Project Fulfillment:

  • 2 Ball Pumps
  • 21 T-Shirts
  • 21 Youth Soccer Kits (jerseys and shorts)

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