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2019 Community Project in Review

It’s always fun to look back on a year and see what happened — the places where one has been, the different things accomplished, and the like. For 2019, we can’t say necessarily that it was a record-breaking year, but it was an exciting year, nonetheless. Here are some of the highlights:

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10 Community Projects

2019 saw 10 different Community Project fulfillments. We are still waiting for stories and reports on two of those, but similar to 2018 we had 10 fulfilled projects go out locally and around the world.

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1288.5 lbs of gear

2019 is the first year of recording specific weights for projects as we carefully took into consideration different needs and capacities for the Community Project requests that came in. Some project requests had baggage weight limits around 50-75 lbs. Others were larger and took more amounts of gear.

401, 540 and 628

No these aren’t area codes, these are our biggest quantities — shorts, socks and t-shirts/jerseys — these are the amounts that went out in 2019, respectively. Added up it makes for a lot of soccer gear sent out on various projects.

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Cambodia was a new country for a Soccer Chaplains United Community Project

10 Different Countries; 2 New Ones

While we had 10 different Community Projects, we had 10 different countries, but not every trip was to a different country! And two of those countries were to brand new places — Cambodia and El Salvador.

Mexico, Liberia, Haiti, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Uganda, Eswatini, Cambodia, El Salvador, and the United States were the 10 countries represented or touched by Community Projects this year.

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9568.03 miles

The longest “great circle distance” that a Soccer Chaplains Community Project traveled — 9568 miles from Denver, CO to the African country of eSwatini.

Where will 2020 see Soccer Chaplains United Community Projects go?

We are excited to see all that God has in store for this next year of 2020. Among some of our anticipations: providing a One World Play ball for each project (up to 10); providing at least 10 regular soccer balls for each project; new church partners and new projects; new countries and new and old friends revisited.

Remember, when you financially support Soccer Chaplains United a portion of your gift automatically goes to help our community projects and requests. Your financial gift helps us purchase new soccer equipment, sponsor individuals projects and organizations, and to cover associated costs of providing Bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!

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