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Changes in U.S. Soccer

The United States Soccer Federation announced last week, that it will cease operations and management of the Development Academy (DA). The announcement comes as a bit of shock to some, a bit of cynicism to others, and a lot of criticism. The USSF noted that the COVID—19 pandemic was the cause of shuttering the DA program.

So what does this mean for Soccer Chaplains United and Rubèn Rodríguez, who serves as chaplain to the Colorado Rapids DA?

Major League Soccer released a statement on April 16, about launching a new, elite player development league that will seek to take on the MLS and non-MLS DA teams that formerly participated in the the DA.

So likely we will see MLS DA teams remain as well as the club teams that have the finical wherewithal to play in a newly formed league. MLS will likely take over the scheduling and management of their DA teams, more is to come on this front.

For Soccer Chaplains United it means that we will continue to seek to develop out DA chaplains — though the teams that were once part of the DA may choose to align themselves with a different elite league or programs. Whether those teams are part of local youth clubs, United Soccer League (USL) teams, or MLS organizations.

We are trying to understand all the changes as they occur during this critical time. Stay tuned.

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