Chaplain Education

Below are Soccer Chaplains United training presentations. You are encouraged to go through the numbered training sessions sequentially. The journal article is from the 2016 special issue of Practical Theology. The “Quick Training” sessions are designed to be short, practical informative sessions for your chaplaincy work. Please e-mail when you complete a training session so that it can be credited for your continuing education requirements.

Recorded Powerpoint Presentations

Training 1: A Biblical Foundation for Sports Chaplaincy

Link to YouTube Channel Video: A Biblical Foundation for Sport Chaplaincy

Training 2: Historical Foundations of Chaplaincy

Link to YouTube Channel Video: Historical Foundations of Chaplaincy

Training 3: Foundations of Pastoral Care for Sports Chaplaincy

Link to YouTube Channel Video: Foundations of Pastoral Care for Sports Chaplaincy

Journal Articles

In 2016, as part of the Inaugural Global Congress on Sport and Christianity, presenters were encouraged to submit writings to an academic journal as a special edition to the congress. The article below looks at the four historic functions of pastoral care as a framework for chaplaincy. It is also available in Spanish.

Recorded Powerpoint Quick Training Sessions

Quick Training 1: Key Relationships in Football

Many in the sport/soccer ministry space make the focal point all about the players. The truth is, we are called to serve more than elite athletes. This training discusses the key people around a football team that a chaplain should look to serve and cultivate relationships with. They can end up becoming gatekeepers and more.

Link to YouTube Channel Presentation: Key Relationships in Football

Quick Training 2: Chaplain Acceptance in Football

How can you tell where you stand with a club or coach? It’s hard when we don’t know what spaces are accessible and which ones are off limits. This presentation gets at understanding the level or degree to which a team or club is “accepting” you and your chaplaincy work.

Link to YouTube Channel Presentation: Chaplain Acceptance in Football

Quick Training 3: Inside Out, Outside In

It can be hard when we go through a change or transition with our club or team. A new head coach, a new technical director or team president may close doors previously open to us. Is there still a chaplaincy ministry even if we are on the outside of an organization and looking in? What ways can the chaplaincy work continue as the environment shifts? We look at these questions and more.

Link to YouTube Channel Presentation: Inside Out, Outside In

Quick Training 4: End of Season Chaplaincy

The in-season work of chaplaincy can be a sweet spot and there is a wonderful rhythm that we can develop around supporting the team, but what happens as the end of season approaches? Chaplain, get ready, this time of year is one of the most difficult because time seems to speed up and there’s lots of moving pieces and before you know it, it’s already next season.

Link to YouTube Channel Presentation: End of Season Chaplaincy