Mendoza To Keep Books

Jun 04, 2019

One of the things that I have come to learn in leading Soccer Chaplains United is that you never know what God might have in store when you say goodbye to one team member and God brings another. Recently, our first bookkeeper, went on and advanced in her bookkeeping and accounting work with joining a local private school’s accounting and bookkeeping team. The change meant that Soccer Chaplains United would soon need to look for a new bookkeeper.

I nearly pulled out my hair trying to find someone. Our bookkeeping needs are quite small and not a whole lot of hours, but is still a critical function of our ministry and for our growth. Several interviews and after quite a bit of searching, finally got an email in response to our advert on the Denver Seminary job board (shout out to the ole’ seminary).

The funny part is that the applicant was someone I know. The convergent worship leader at the church my family worships at, Cherry Creek Presbyterian, and a church partner with Soccer Chaplains United. What’s even more funny is that I had asked the missions director and executive pastor if they knew of anyone in the church that might assist us.

Well, it’s my pleasure to introduce Susie Mendoza, who will serve as our new bookkeeper. I had a wonderful time sitting and sharing the Soccer Chaplains United story with her and hearing much of her own story and journey. I asked her, why even bother with a smaller opportunity like Soccer Chaplains United? She shared,

Working in a “faith-based” organization can be quite rewarding, as both career and faith in Christ can intersect. Sharing my faith is what I love to do…I share the same vision as Soccer Chaplains United in that we are to share the Good News of Jesus!

Susie Mendoza

It is an incredible gift for us to be united with a shared vision to share the Good News and especially to live it out in our chaplaincy and counseling and community service that we provide. And when we live out, with passion, the deep vocation and calling that God gives to us, we get to see the amazing privilege of the work that God is about and where we get to join in and be vessels used by Him. Certainly, I have been able to see that in Susie week after week as she leads in worship and I am excited to see her bring her talents and gifts in accounting and bookkeeping to Soccer Chaplains United.

Susie, welcome to the team!

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