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Say Goodbye to Brad

Well it has come time to say goodbye…and this is not a late April Fool’s joke.

No, not to me! To Brad Evans.

Soccer Chaplains United has had an app (SoccChaplain) that we launched when we went through our rebranding a few years ago. A stock photo featuring Seattle Sounders MLS player, Brad Evans, has adorned our front page screen, letting athletes know where to click in our app for content that is designed for them.

Pretty soon, the old app will go the way of the dinosaur

A few months ago, we were notified of new requirements from Apple and Google for app developers and we started working on a new app in conjunction with our fundraising partner PushPay.

Well, we are pretty close to launching the new app. It will have a new looking feel to it and it will also feature a new name. So keep an eye out for our launch and announcement here soon and we will have some cool prizes to hand out to people.

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