Feb 19, 2020

To what team do you ascribe allegiance to? What team/sport do you avidly follow or you might even say you, “bleed these colors?” Our allegiances to sports teams are not something that are lightly considered — and a plethora of reasons exist for the way that we follow and cheer on our sports teams. Maybe it was where we grew up, how we were raised or a special or significant person who shared their interest with us.

In today’s From the Touchline episode, Rev Brad looks at the topic of allegiances. While it is common to be a die hard fan for a sports team, our allegiance to God and spiritual things is often times something very different.

Referenced in today’s podcast is the following scripture verse from the Bible:

From the Touchline is a short-feature (usually 10-15 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director of Soccer Chaplains United and Volunteer Chaplain to the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. Rev Brad and occasional guests touch on various issues around the topics of faith, family, and football (soccer).

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