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Dear friends, I wanted to write and personally make an appeal to you. I know that we are facing much uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic and I am thankful for the majority of our donors who have remained faithful in their giving; however, we have seen some decline from last year and we know that this year will be challenging in terms of fundraising and generosity.

Yesterday, I wrote about the ongoing chaplaincy work for Soccer Chaplains United and the truth is we are busier in ministry as we seek to serve those we’ve been called to — from the college athlete who may not have a soccer program next year to the part-time stadium and concessions personnel who have had to go in search of other work to subsidize their income to the staff of the soccer teams and organizations that have been laid-off or furloughed.

Added to this is the challenge that we’ve not been able to go out and meet new donors or share our vision personally with partners who might help us continue to serve and grow our ministry work.

Will you consider an extra gift or extra expression of generosity?

— Rev Brad

I’d like to ask you, if you’ve received a stimulus check from the government — and if your needs were already being met, will you consider an extra gift or extra expression of generosity? Of course, please consider giving to your local church first, but if you feel so led, will you consider giving to help Soccer Chaplains United? Your gift will help sustain our ministry and work through this time and the time to come as we serve many in the sport of soccer who are facing devastating times and as we look to continue to develop chaplaincy and counseling resources for so many for whom soccer is their vocation and livelihood.

You can give a safe, secure, electronic, tax-deductible gift via PushPay by clicking the button below or by texting soccerchaplains to 77977. You can also mail a donation to Soccer Chaplains United, PO Box 102081, Denver, CO 80250.

Thank you for your consideration and your generosity during this time.

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