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Coming Soon: A New App

If there is a silver lining to the timing of the Coronavirus, it has been at a time when I have been working on a new, updated app for Soccer Chaplains United. Our current app, SoccChaplain, has needed some updating and recently Apple and Google have changed some of their requirements for apps and developers which will require us to make changes.

When I first heard the news back in February, I was left thinking, “When will I have time to do that?” But the Coronavirus pause has not only afforded the time, but also helped sharpen thinking around the app and its use during times like these.

Now, to be fair — our new app isn’t going to change the world. In fact, it may not feel all too different from the one that we currently have. I am not smart enough to design some great thing and there will likely be some different issues to work out as I learn more about the new platform and how to build it out in the best way. But, I am excited — that hopefully the new app will seem simpler and be really useful for people to use — whether an athlete, coach, staff or family member who are part of the global game of soccer.

Stay tuned for more news and information on when we plan to launch the new app!

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