Community Request from Sadaya International

Apr 02, 2019

Sadaya International may not be a familiar name, but its founders are familiar to Soccer Chaplains United. Thomas and Jamie Fahn, moved to Liberia last year (2018) and along with the move, L.I.F.E. (Liberian Institute For Empowerment) became Sadaya International. Sadaya translated means — “God’s grace” in the Goala dialect in Liberia.

Sadaya means “God’s grace”

Sadaya International has several programs and among them is the Sadaya Football Academy. Through football (soccer), Sadaya Football Academy seeks to use the power of sports to inspire, motivate, and encourage children and youth to stay out of trouble and focus their attention on things that will enable them to be successful. Sadaya recognizes that not all players will go on to earn a living from playing sports; therefore, the academy looks to provide other opportunities for players to get quality college preparatory education while learning their football skills. The academy’s youth sports program is for players (boys and girls) ages 6 through 19, and is designed to provide players with opportunities to learn technical and tactical skills that will enable them improve their soccer skills. As the players grow and improve, they are moved through the next age groups where they receive coaching tailored to their age and abilities. The final step of the process comes when they graduate from the U-19 team, where they are usually invited to join our premier team (Sadaya United) in Monrovia. 

The young boys from Sadaya Football Academy’s U-8 soccer team pose for a picture last year

Thomas shared that through last year’s generous donations, they have been able to successfully run the football academy.  They have been able to provide cleats to some of the players during training and games and the water coolers are being used to keep players hydrated during training and games in the oppressive 100-degree heat! T-shirts are being used for children in the scrimmages and games.

Sadaya’s U-12 Boys lineup for a drill

The needs here are tremendous. The number of players we expected to begin our academy program with has tripled, and parents are asking us on a daily basis to bring their kids to our soccer program…They are very passionate about the game because it provides them hope and happiness.  Born and raised in Liberia, I can truly identify with that feeling.  These kids come to practice every day with old beat-up shoes and some even come barefooted.  All they want to do is play soccer.

Thomas Fahn

In a recent Facebook Messenger call, Thomas shared with me that the biggest needs right now are for balls and cleats. The field conditions are so difficult that often, these items, are ruined or destroyed after just a short time. Additionally, many of the families are poor and cannot afford the soccer equipment.

One World Balls (blue) complement the typical soccer ball and usually last much longer than traditional soccer balls which easily deflate with the harsh field conditions.

Soccer Chaplains United’s community project will look to supply cleats and balls for Sadaya Football Academy. Some of the logistical considerations include the time and cost of shipping items to Liberia — with the cheapest way usually via container.

Boys in the football academy stay hydrated with a water cooler from last year’s request

Remember, when you support Soccer Chaplains United a portion of your gift automatically goes to help projects and requests like this one for Sadaya International. You can give specifically to help cover our costs by making a gift through PushPay — simply select Community from the selectable funds. Your financial gift helps us purchase new soccer equipment, sponsor individuals or organizations, and to cover associated costs of providing Bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!

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