Easter Egg Hunt

Apr 09, 2020

Soccer Chaplains United is hosting its very own, virtual Easter egg hunt! On Easter Sunday morning, April 12, at an unannounced hour and in coordination with the release of our new app, there will appear Easter “eggs” hidden throughout the app that can be “discovered” by exploring the different areas of the new app. In what is a common practice in gaming — usually a developer will hide different “eggs” in a program that are a special gift or prize to the “explorative” gamer.

There will be 9 different, hidden eggs in our new app! The nine eggs commemorate the nine different teams that Soccer Chaplains United currently serves from the professional ranks to high school teams. The first users to find and email us the location and description of each of the nine Easter eggs will receive a gift from Soccer Chaplains United!

In coordination with our new app launch, there are a few other things changing:

  • New name for the app: SoccChaplain will become SoccrChapUtd
  • Simplified menu
  • Quicker load out and updating
  • Profile creation ability (set preferences on types of content you want to receive)
If your app looks like this, then you’ve got the old version and you might be too early for the egg hunt!

Current users of SoccChaplain shouldn’t need to do anything other than re-open the app. The new version should automatically update and change on the first go (in coordination with the version release). The new version release will be on Sunday morning at an undisclosed time.

App screen should look something like this…

New users will look for SoccChaplain or SoccrChapUtd in the Apple or Google stores depending, again, on the download time of the app.

Here’s how we will do the Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Download, update, or re-open the app
  • Explore, browse, and look through the app to find the numbered eggs
  • Email your egg findings (brief description and the location) to
  • We will use the time stamp of the email to determine the “first” person to find a particular egg
  • You are welcome to include more than 1 egg (or all 9) in your email to us to increase your chance of winning
  • On Monday, we will contact the winners by email and get information on where we can send you a special gift
  • There will be nine different winners

*Note: Some eggs may be “time-released”: you know we can’t just let the big kids get all the eggs! 🙂

In all of this, we just want to have some fun, show folks our new app and have them explore it for themselves. So get your “basket” ready for our Easter Egg Hunt!

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