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Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2018 – Return to Tamarindo

Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2018 will see Coach Brian Shultz return to Tamarindo, Costa Rica with his Valor Christian High School soccer players for a second time this March.  Soccer Chaplains United Executive Director, Brad Kenney, will join the team which consists of 20 players and eight leaders from the school’s soccer programs.  Kenney serves as the Valor Boys Soccer Chaplain.

During their time in Tamarindo, Kenney and the team will build two houses for selected needy families and reach out to the local community through soccer camps and clinics.

Coach Shultz shares why the return trip,

This is our second trip, and we intend to repeat this trip annually or bi-annually. Last year’s trip was an amazing experience, and we hope and pray God will work again in our lives and the lives of those we serve. Tamarindo has gone from being a small fishing village 20+ years ago, to now, it is more of a small, sleepy surfing and tourist town. Behind the tourism, a lot of poverty exists among the locals. Valor Soccer is partnering with Casa Vida Church and Pastor Alex Bejarano to build “Mercy” homes for needy families that the church has identified.

The Valor soccer players will be able to share their love of soccer with the local children.  The poverty is great so adequate soccer gear is not a reality for the people of Tamarindo.  Shultz explains how the Timothy Project donations will be used,

We will be reaching out through soccer camps and clinics where we hope to distribute soccer gear to the many children who do not have shoes, cleats, shin guards, or even soccer balls. We also hope to support the local coaches with gear. In the evenings we will do soccer clinics and play FUTCINCO where we will also distribute gear to our opponents and pray with them after the games.

Coach Shultz (far) previews the collected soccer equipment during the team’s pack day in 2017.

To partner again with the Valor Christian High School soccer teams on their spring Discovery Trip is a priviledge for Soccer Chaplains United.  Timothy Project was able partner with the team last year by giving them socks and jerseys and coaches gear.

To support Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2018 or future Timothy Project ventures please donate through PushPay — simply select Timothy Project from the selectable funds to contribute to. Your financial gift helps us purchase new soccer equipment, sponsor an individual or organization in an outreach effort, and to cover associated costs of providing Bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!


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