Timothy Project: Year To Date Project Award Recipients 2017 - an editorial

Aug 10, 2017

CrossTraining Timothy Project

Timothy Project: Year To Date Project Award Recipients Summary 2017 – an editorial.

I joined the CrossTraining team February 1 with little knowledge of the professional soccer industry.  While soccer filled large amounts of my weekly schedule, it was barely a hint at the caliber of Major League Soccer.  My soccer experiences included sitting in comfy folding chairs on the sidelines while visiting with other soccer moms, growing relationships and evaluating how our sons were progressing through the season.

I had gleaned insights and perspectives from Chaplain Brad Kenney over time as he shared about CrossTraining, the Rapids and his passion for chaplaincy.  Those gleanings did not leave me star struck with famous players or a Rapids super-fan but instead moved my heart toward the undercurrents of CrossTraining’s purpose.  I was enthralled with the mission of CrossTraining.  My teen years provided large amounts of exposure and involvement with professional athletes through my father’s business.  But the angles are different, then it was business, financial; here it is empathy, support, love.  Both focused on the individual player but for different purposes.

I was asked to join as the Timothy Project Coordinator.  The Timothy Project is the piece of CrossTraining that takes the ‘stuff’ of the MLS and spreads it throughout the world as gifts of blessings.  Since February I have had the joy of watching immense amounts of soccer gear move from CrossTraining headquarters to far corners of our world.

Thus far in 2017 CrossTraining’s Timothy Project has partnered with seven different teams who have crossed outside of USA and into countries all over the world.  These teams consist of teenagers, coaches, some curious sojourners, some seasoned travelers and some novice.  Some are athletes who love the sport and some not so much.  But all of them have gratefully taken the gear donated by the Rapids organization and lovingly and carefully redistributed it to those who will probably never get to see a Rapids game played.

This is a summation of the project award recipients and the gear they were able to take with them.

This is a list of soccer gear, locations, and organizations but the stories behind all of it are why the Timothy Project continues.  There is a greater purpose of just moving donations from storage boxes to the world, out of America and into the world and that is why the Timothy Project exists.  Join us, will you?

To support future Timothy Project ventures, please use the Donate button to make a secure PayPal donation. Your financial gift helps to secure additional equipment, sponsor a missionary or organization in an outreach effort, and to cover associated costs of providing bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!