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Transfer Window Opens, Opportunity and Need

Today, the summer transfer window for Major League Soccer opens. From July 10 – August 9, MLS teams can make trades and bring in foreign talent. For many teams, this window represents an opportunity to make improvements to a team — some teams bring in a player from another country or from a team within the league in an effort to try bolster team needs and win a coveted playoff position. For fans, many are hopeful that a playmaker or difference-maker brought in can propel their team to victory or help continue to sustain early-season efforts. But on the other side, the summer transfer window also represents a time of need for MLS teams and their respective chaplains or ministry folks.

Some of the challenges that come with mid-season trades include uprooting for families right before the beginning of the new school year. While the league offers financial help and support for players making mid-year transitions, those transition moments can still be tricky. Often, wives are left to manage details of packing and moving house while a player often reports immediately to a new team. Overseas transfers are even more difficult with some of the logistical challenges that are faced.

For players, the mid-year change can mean getting to know new teammates, learning a new city and culture, communicating at distance with family yet to make the move and a host of other challenges and issues. Some players relish a fresh start and new opportunities. Some players regret leaving behind a place where they have already begun to put down roots.

Certainly, there is opportunity, though to lift up in prayer those who will be facing transitions and changes during this period of time. Also, pray for the chaplains and counselors and community coordinators as we look to help soften the pains and difficulties that can come with these changes.

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