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Highline Community Church Moves on as Partner

For the past few years, Highline Community Church has been a faithful, supporting church partner for Soccer Chaplains United. I still remember the August brunch with the mission committee that I had been invited to come and share our story. It was our Timothy Project program (now called out Community Program) that really grabbed the attention of several members of the committee. I shared a story of some soccer gear and how it had changed a church’s out-of-country ministry and local people’s lives. A few weeks later, the pastor called me, “Brad, we’d like to help support some Timothy Projects for this next year.”

Brad, we’d like to support some Timothy Projects…

Pastor Dave Meserve, then pastor of Highline Community Church

That conversation and initial support led to myself and Soccer Chaplains United developing a partnership with Highline Community Church and they have been a great part of our support team the past couple years.

Unfortunately, a reduced missions and church budget and a shift of church emphasis has led Highline to re-prioritize mission initiatives and partnerships. Thankfully, though, the church decided to see through their commitments to missionaries and partners, like us, even as the budget year ended last August.

On behalf of the Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors and the entire team of chaplains, I want to personally say thank you to Evan Eakin (our Highline missions committee liaison), Dave Meserve (former pastor of Highline who introduced us) and the entire body of believers that are part of the Highline church for your generosity and support for the past number of years. We could not have done the work God has called us to without you!

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