Prayers - A Right Mentality

Feb 01, 2018

Athletes know mentality is critical, especially, at elite level of sport. Having the right mentality is key. What do you do to stay focused? How does one keep a mindset of peace? Whether it is the worry and stress of earning the next contract, or winning a starting role in the first eleven, or performing well in a game — there is a lot of pressure that can be on a person in football. This doesn’t even take into account the pressures that one might feel or struggle with personally, the “off the field” issues as it is sometimes known.

This prayer is a prayer for having the right mentality based on Philippians 4:8-9. Being a person of peace and a person at peace — whether an athlete, coach, executive, staff, or family member — means keeping a good, right, healthy mentality. It takes an effort to keep our minds on the good and noble and beautiful things. Especially when the rest of the world wants to bring us down in discouragement and dismay.

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