Prayers - For the Raising of a Football Stadium or a New Club

Feb 01, 2018

It is a unique time and space to be at the beginning of the construction of a new stadium ground or participating in a new football club being built up or commissioned. Because of the long-time popularity of the sport, many teams around the world have an old and storied history — but there are times when a club sees a new day. It might be when a new ownership group takes over. It might be in the appointment of a new team manger. It could even be in the building of a new stadium or “house,” as it were. It might be a new and developing team or league in a younger soccer nation.

This prayer, based on Psalm 127, is perhaps best suited for the club owner, team executive, or even the manager. It might be a prayer of blessing or dedication that is spoken at a christening or opening event for a stadium, or team facility, or embarking on a new venture as an organization. It is a prayer which ultimately acknowledges our own limitations in building things — and the need for God to intervene. Whether it is in having a successful season, a successful program or pathway for young athletes, or in having a well-run organization with a healthy culture — no matter what our position with a club is, there is a great need for God’s guidance and wisdom in managing and operating even things like a football club.

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