Prayers - Praise for Rescue from Relegation

Feb 01, 2018

In many places around the world, if a football club or team is relegated to a lower division, it can be devastating on many levels — for a community, for those that work in the team’s front offices, and it can be disheartening for the fans, athletes, manger, and others. On the outside looking in, it may not seem that big of a deal, but it can have tremendous impact into the daily lives of people and on local economies.

This prayer is really a praise, based on Psalm 126. It is a praise offered as a fan of a team reflects on and acknowledges God’s help for the club being able to “escape” relegation or gain promotion to a higher division of soccer. Many times we desire to see the things that we care about and invest in succeed and do well — and God does care about the things we care about. This is balances with the simple truth, that much is up to God and His will, (and we may not always understand it or agree), but we can praise him to see worthwhile things we invest in do well and if you are a person of faith who works in a football club, all the more as a validation of your vocation and the context of your God-given work.

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