Rollins Getting Rolling, Set to Serve Switchbacks FC As Chaplain

Feb 19, 2024

When Jason Rollins heard that Kurt Trempert was stepping down from serving as the volunteer chaplain to the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC, he politely asked, “Who is filling your spot?” But, to be honest, he didn’t give it much more thought — he wasn’t ordained, isn’t a pastor, and has never been a “chaplain” before.

But as the search continued for a volunteer chaplain to serve the team, there were a number of barriers present for several of the other candidates, namely the issue of being able to commit to the time involved in serving as a team chaplain. As several candidates dropped off due to busyness, we re-opened the search and after consulting former chaplain, Kurt Trempert, Jason is one of the people that we encouraged to consider applying.

I love working with athletes and building relationships through the vehicle of sports. The position of chaplain for Switchbacks FC began to grow on me because of the combination of soccer and that opportunity for building relationships…

Jason, on his growing interest in the role of chaplain

Despite Jason not having served as a chaplain before, his work and service for some 20 years in education and his current role as Athletic Director for Colorado Springs Christian Schools came across to the interview team as a tremendous preparation point for serving as volunteer chaplain. In addition, Jason’s willingness to pursue a licensing and commission pathway with the Christian Missionary Alliance (CMA) and potential explore an institutional chaplaincy training program helped open the door of possibility for serving in this capacity.

Jason was also previously known to myself (Brad) and others at Soccer Chaplains United as he has led several mission teams to Quito, Ecuador. Born and raised in Quito with missionary parents, Jason has returned several times ,taking soccer gear through our Community Project programs in 2017, 2019, and 2022. Jason also has participated in the Soccer Chaplains United 2021 MLS Cup Watch Party and is a good friend of former chaplain Kurt Trempert.

Jason recently completed a Mental Performance Mastery Coach Certification. It’s part of his passion and gifting to help individuals in sport to achieve the best out of themselves. This, in addition, to several coaching certificates in soccer and certification as an Athletic Director, have positioned him to serve young people in sport for a long time.

My wife knows I love working with athletes, while mental performance coaching is different from chaplaincy, I imagine there is some overlap with helping athletes find and discover resources from within themselves, their faith history and backgrounds (if they have one), and from family and community to help them play, perform, and be well-rounded people.

Jason, on possible applications and translations of his mental performance coaching into chaplaincy

Jason has a professional proficiency in speaking Spanish that will help to serve his time with the athletes. In addition, as Jason serves as a volunteer chaplain there remains more opportunity to build the chaplain team serving the Switchbacks organization for the future.

We are excited to see the chaplaincy transition to Jason prior to the season start. We want to ask our supporters to pray for his work with the Switchbacks organization.

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