Special Shoes Update

Dec 17, 2020

Earlier this year, we shared about a special gift, made by a young man. He had a pair of boots (cleats) that he had outgrown, but were still in pristine condition (see below). His desire? He wanted to see these shoes gifted to someone else who “loves Jesus like I love Jesus.”

Well, the whole of 2020 has been in search of finding the “right fit.” At first, we thought that these boots might make their way overseas as part of a Missionary Athletes International soccer trip for an overseas tournament. When travel restrictions were put in place and the trip was canceled, the shoes got held up.

For a few months, the shoes sat in my office, apart from the other donations. Knowing that they were intended for a special, yet-to-be named person I didn’t want them to get caught up with another project.

We’ve been in touch with Connor Georgopulous who works with MAI’s Chicago Eagles and several youth teams. Connor actually has the shoes now in hand and he texted me recently the plan:

Conor Georgopulous , Chicago Eagles

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