Creek Heads Back To Uganda

May 16, 2024

Every other year, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church sends a team of high school juniors and seniors and adult leaders to Uganda to participate in Youth for Christ’s ministry in Kampala. The church has been working with Youth for Christ Uganda since 2007 with the hope and belief that the trips are making huge changes in the lives of the student team and in the communities they are serving. The 2024 trip will be the 5th trip that Soccer Chaplains United partners to send soccer gear and equipment with this local church partner. You can see summaries from 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 by clicking on the appropriate link.

Despite some of the negatives that can accompany short term missions, Cherry Creek and its team members are working to overcome those. Primarily, by continuing to serve and foster long-term relationships. As well as making sure group members are there for the right reasons — it’s not some exotic vacation and the primary focus is not to share wealth, but is to take part in the amazing things God is already doing in country with the ministry.

The 2015 trip with CCPC, saw the team hand out uniforms from the Colorado Rapids

Student trip participant, Alex Cevaal shared,

I personally will love to go on this trip because Jesus calls us to love one another just as he loves us, and that is exactly what I want to do. I want to serve people who might seem different than me, but are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m hoping that on this trip God is able to open my eyes to his beauty, because sometimes it’s hard for me to see it in my busy life. We know that the best thing you can do for anyone is just to love them, and our goal on this trip is to show God’s love to as many different people as we can. Whether that’s playing soccer with some school kids or having a hard conversation with a pregnant teen who’s been kicked out of her home, loving others is what Jesus wants us to do and that is what we want to do in Uganda.

Alex, on his reasons for going on the trip this year

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