Currents in Costa Rica

Mar 29, 2018

A final few thoughts from my time in Costa Rica. One day, after our work time, we all jumped in the ocean. The waves were hug! The riptide, though, was pulling us further and further down the beachfront and out to sea. I reflected to the team and on the Valor Discovery blog and I want to share that reflection with you here:

Not many of you know me. I was born in Denver, but grew up in Arizona. My grandparents lived in Laguna Nigel, CA for several years and I have many fond memories of the beach and the ocean. I learned early how to body surf and boogie board and I love playing in the ocean.

Now, I was a bit disappointed to miss out on all the big beach days for the trip (I joined Sunday afternoon and left Friday). But the moments we did get to jump into the ocean were refreshing and fun after a long, hard, hot day at work.

One of the days we were all out playing the ocean there was particularly strong riptide. If you don’t know what a riptide is, it’s a strong tide or current that is particularly dangerous because it can pull you out to sea. This particular riptide was pulling everything sideways up the beach and if you didn’t pay attention, you oddly find yourself not only out to sea, but far from your original insertion point.

The team was having a blast because the waves were huge and crashing down on everyone, but the riptides kept pulling us further and further away.

We gathered the students in and pointed out what was happening.

We setup a boundary — play, have fun, enjoy the waves, but stay aware of your surroundings. When you see you’ve been pulled to this point, get out and walk along the beach back to the other boundary line.

It seemed silly at first, but it was safe.

God, in many ways has marked out similar boundary lined in his Word, the Bible.

There are strong, dangerous currents — ways in which the world is trying to pull you, me, and our children out into an overwhelming sea. God acts as lifeguard — He lays down a boundary line for our safety and protection and in the times when we are nearly swept away He is able to save.

As parents, you and I have been entrusted, for the time that our children are in our homes and under our stewardship and care to help them understand the marking out of the boundaries. To help encourage awareness of their surroundings. To help remind them that sometimes they need a break from being out in the ocean where waves can engulf and knock one off their feet.

I pray that we will not take this task lightly and that this powerful lesson, learned from a Costa Rican riptide could be firmly planted into your son and daughter’s minds as they navigate the sea of life with Jesus.

Pura Vida,


Costa Rica waves

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