Timothy Project: Soccer Key In Valor's Trip to Zacapa, Guatamala

May 10, 2018

Timothy Project: For the sixth year in a row, Valor Discovery returns to Zacapa, Guatemala.  This Spanish speaking team will spend 30 days immersed in the community.

Danny Brooks of Valor Christian High School explains the commitment the team members have made and how soccer is a bridge to helping them achieve their objectives.

Over the years, soccer has been a key component of our ministry in Guatemala. Unique to our team is that everyone speaks Spanish (and has committed to using no English), which means that soccer can be a key stepping stone that will allow for deep conversations and authentic relationship building. We will not only play soccer in the various communities, but soccer will open the door for our team to use our language abilities talk with, pray for and minister to these communities.

The relationships that Valor maintains have been growing over several years.  In 2013 the Valor team built a home in the community.  Since then, the people of the community eagerly await their annual return. Pastor Wilmer is their primary contact in Zacapa.  The soccer players, in particular, have been asking Pastor Wilmer when the soccer-playing, Spanish-speaking Americans will return.

Brooks lays out the plan for this summer,

This year, our goal is to continue playing soccer on their mountain top field. We would love to impact their lives by leaving players with cleats and balls (many play in crocs except for the cleats we brought them 3 years ago). We would also like to fix up their field and provide goals and nets. Additionally, this year we have planned to launch a community/family wide carnival – to include soccer as the main event and also include other activities to reach out to the families. All of these projects are designed to connect people with Jesus and, in particular, the church in Zacapa.

To support Timothy Project: Zacapa, Guatemala or future Timothy Project ventures please donate through PushPay — simply select Timothy Project from the selectable funds to contribute to. Your financial gift helps us purchase new soccer equipment, sponsor an individual or organization in an outreach effort, and to cover associated costs of providing Bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world!


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