• Of the three Major League Soccer (MLS) teams which have Soccer Chaplains United chaplains serving and supporting the organizations, only one team has pulled through the first round of the 2020 MLS playoffs. Nashville SC, a new, expansion team for 2020 won their first round playoff match last night to advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Columbus Crew. Colorado Rapids the #5 seed in the Western Conference, on Sunday, lost 3-0 in an away trip against #4 seed, Minnesota United. The team started brightly, and looks dominate in many parts of the game, but ultimately injuries and lineup changes led to a few inconsistencies and unfinished chances and the Rapids quickly exited after having last been in the

    Nov 25,
  • This month, I have been writing a couple features for the chaplains that are support raising through Soccer Chaplains United. Some chaplains are raising expenditures, some raise a small stipend and expenses, and others (like myself) raise their salary along with their expenses. It feels weird to write about myself — not to toot my own horn, but someone recently asked, "How is your own support raising?" I often lump in my own needs into the overall organization and try not to make it a lot about myself, but since leaving full-time work in the church a number of years ago, my family is quite dependent on my work and my fundraising efforts, as well. With that in mind, I

    Oct 27,
  • Perhaps, there was never a more difficult time but more important time for the first counseling internship for Soccer Chaplains United. This past January, saw the first-ever joint venture internship to feature a counseling intern working with the pre-professional soccer players and families that comprise the Colorado Rapids Development Academy. And just as the internship got off to a start with select age-groups, the global pandemic hit. Shutdown. Quarantine. And everyone had to pivot. Coaches. Players. Families. And more. There was a major shift and transition to zoom and online. There were at-home programs created and developed to help the athletes stay in soccer shape as much as possible while being apart from their teammates. Just as the Rapids U-17

    Aug 31,
  • Soccer Chaplains United's Director of Counseling, Brooke Ewert, recently took part in an interview series with the Colorado Rapids. With the month of May being known as Mental Health Month, the Rapids have been doing a series, entitled, Mindful Monday. The interview style stories on the website featured Brooke and others working in the field of mental health and sport. Read the interview here. Part of the vision of Soccer Chaplains United is to work closely with counselors in order to provide necessary clinical interventions that support the whole person. While chaplains often provide spiritual help and support, there are times when it is important to refer the athletes, coaches, staff, and their family members on to a trusted counselor

    May 11,
  • Well, technically, Major League Soccer (MLS) began on the last day of February for the 2020 season, but close enough. As the season kicked off last week (and the Colorado Rapids were the first game) it started the 25th season for the top flight soccer league in the U.S. The MLS season has had varied lengths in its 25-year history, and most recently the league condensed its season to run league competition games between the months of March and November. 34 games are par for the course — 17 home and 17 away; throw in a few exhibition games, an Open Cup tournament, weekly training sessions and travel and it makes for a busy 9 months. But this is just games!

    Mar 06,