• Musana Community Development is the first Community Project request for Soccer Chaplains United for 2020. Musana is a non-profit located in Uganda, which started 11 years ago, when Colorado natives Andrea and Leah Pauline traveled to Uganda for a summer internship. Witnessing extreme poverty and corruption at a local orphanage, they knew they had to help. Shortly after starting Musana, the girls began partnering with local Ugandans to empower them to BE THE CHANGE in their own community. That is when their vision shifted and they realized a new way to tackle poverty. Led and envisioned by local Ugandans, Musana is not a charity, but a sustainable solution. Bringing economic and social development together, Musana uses social enterprises as a

    Jan 09,
  • Have you been "crippled" by football? We don't often use the word nowadays because it is politically incorrect and insensitive to name or call a person crippled; however, a person may have crippling injuries — physical, mental, and spiritual from football. During the next few weeks, we will journey with a special person from the Bible whose life has some interesting parallels for those in football — whether athlete, coach, staff member, or fan. In today's From the Touchline episode, Rev Brad's best mate from seminary, Fraser Keay ("Kay") lends his voice and creative talents in a biblical monologue narrative while Rev Brad takes a month long sabbatical. The Kings Table: A Biblical Monologue featuring Mephibosheth, Son of Jonathan, Who Went

    Jan 08,
  • One day left. As I write, I have one more day until I go on sabbatical. To confess, I am nervous and afraid. What if...? is the question that most hounds me. What if people don't understand? What if people don't agree? What if people need me? What if the organization, the ministry, the work tanks? What if...? And that's not just all. What if I don't use the time well? What if I don't encounter God? What if I am unable to find rest and renewal. What if...? Lisa Fotios at Pexels I podcasted earlier this week some thoughts on sabbath and sabbatical. As I have been explaining to people, even to my own family — God gave us

    Jan 05,
  • It's always fun to look back on a year and see what happened — the places where one has been, the different things accomplished, and the like. For 2019, we can't say necessarily that it was a record-breaking year, but it was an exciting year, nonetheless. Here are some of the highlights: Magda Ehlers at Pexels 10 Community Projects 2019 saw 10 different Community Project fulfillments. We are still waiting for stories and reports on two of those, but similar to 2018 we had 10 fulfilled projects go out locally and around the world. mali maeder at Pexels 1288.5 lbs of gear 2019 is the first year of recording specific weights for projects as we carefully took into consideration different

    Jan 02,
  • When was the last time that you really rested? When did you last "get off the grid" or completely and totally "shut-down"? The ideas and concepts of sabbath, sabbatical and rest may seem like foreign concepts to you and me or something that we absolutely can't do in our current place in the journey or station in life. In today's From the Touchline episode, Rev Brad reflects on his upcoming, month-long sabbatical and some of his own struggles that he has encountered in trying to take a sabbatical. He looks at the way that God has setup and designed human beings in their need for sabbath rest. Notable mentions in today's podcast: — Scripture: Exodus 20:8-11, NIV; Exodus 23:10-11, NIV;

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